Gemini Communications, Inc.

Networking and terminal emulation software for HP NonStop™ systems since 1984. An Alliance Partner since 1986.


Rich Pope: phone 847-464-5820 fax 480-513-8747 …4175 S. BIG AL Pt.,Inverness FL 34452

Dave Cikra: phone 480-513-6229 fax 480-513-8747 …9958 E Balancing Rock Road Scottsdale, AZ 85262-2362

GAP   Gateway Access Process - Advanced asynch features for AWAN 388x series terminal servers. Latest GAP manual (see last page for release notes/softdoc) is at Latest GAP software (non-disclosure agreement required):

TDP   TCP/IP Direct Printing - Direct access to network printers. Bypass the Spooler for real-time EMSDIST logging, check printing, and other applications requiring immediate printout to HP (Tandem) 55xx and HP LaserJet printers. Print servers, including Microplex and HP, are also supported. Latest TDP manual (see last page for release notes/softdoc) is at Latest TDP software (non-disclosure agreement required):

J6530   The original Java 6530 emulator which offers strong encryption and 3270 emulation. J6350 is part of the Nonstop Access Suite of products from comForte GmbH .

SecurTN   Secure and manageable high volume Telnet access to HP NonStop™ systems. Full TN3270 support. SSL encryption and auditing are combined with user authentication and management for a complete solution. Part of comForte SecurSH and HP NonStop™ SSH. Sold world-wide by comForte GmbH .

AWAN 388x Terminal Servers / Remote Access Servers. 6530 support and other HP NonStop™ (Tandem) features by Gemini. Sold by HP  .

AWAN 3886. Latest SOFTDOC: 3886sd.txt Latest software (email for unzip password)

AWAN 3886 hardware can now be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Vnetek 1-888-663-3313

AWAN 3883/4/5 Latest SOFTDOC 388345sd.txt Latest 3883 software Latest 3884/5 software

Fasterm  6530 and 3270 connectivity enhancement

Gemini products are also sold by distributors:  

 Download All downloads (except for the UTIL directory) are copyrighted commercial products and require a license or non-disclosure agreement. By downloading a file you agree to the terms of the agreement. The files generally require an unzip password which must be obtained from Gemini. All downloads are now accessed via HTTP instead of FTP. Filenames are in lower case.

Upload To upload trace files and other data, point your FTP client to with userid anonymous and your email address e.g as password. Change to directory Incoming . No file directory will be shown, even after upload. Use BINARY put. Send an email describing the file's name and contents. Compressed formats like ZIP or PAK are helpful.

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